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Glide inflatables provide great glide and speed, while remaining very easy to paddle. They bridge the gap between our Maliko (race) and entry-level inflatables. Both the 12’0” and 12’6” offer superior stability and easy paddling on long touring sessions thanks to their wide outline. The 12’0” comes at a 34” width while the 12’6” is slightly narrower at 32”. Both the 12’6” and longer, 14’0”, 30-inch wide size feature extra cargo straps, so riders can pack even more items for those longer touring trips. Hydroslick edges reduce wasted energy by creating a clean water release in the tail of the board. Additional handles in the nose make getting in and out of the water on slippery banks faster and easier than ever. Glide inflatables are designed for paddlers who want to explore further on the water (than the casual SUP-er). They offer enhanced performance, extra capabilities and faster paddling than entry level SUP boards while remaining very stable and easy to use.


Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Glide Inflatable 12'0" X34 Fusion 12'0" / 365.7 cm 34" / 86.4 cm 6" / 15.2 cm

319 L



Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Glide Inflatable 12'6" X32 Fusion 12'6" / 381 cm 32" / 81.3 cm 6" / 15.2 cm 323 L



Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Glide Inflatable 14'0" X30 Fusion 14'0" / 426.7 cm 30" / 76.2 cm 6" / 15.2 cm 327 L


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Double Layer Rails

Naish inflatables are built with a wide, double PVC layer on the rail. This provides great durability, increased longevity and enhanced stiffness.


Hydroslick Edges

Strategically placed material along the tail of the board creates a clean water release, reducing the wasted energy resulting from surface tension created at the tail of the board. This makes the most of the energy you produce, moving you forward faster.


High Pressure Rated

Our boards are constructed in an all new manufacturing facility with superior glues, materials and quality control. This allows our boards to be inflated to a higher PSI (21), for unbelievable stiffness that performs more like a composite board. Adhering to the highest quality control standards in the industry, every single inflatable board is built to last.


US Fin Box

Our inflatables boards* are now delivered with US fin boxes, enabling the use of a stiffer fin and granting you the option for fin customization. All fins are equipped with a tool-less butterfly screw, Malikos come with an extra phillips head screw.
*ONE and ONE Alana are equipped with the slide-on fin system


Accessory Mount

Attach your GPS or POV camera and capture the action.


Added Deck Handles

Supporting our goal to make fun and easy-to-use products, each board in the range features strategically placed handles to improve transport. From the race handles on the Maliko to the nose and tail handles added to the Nalu, all boards are comfortable and easy to carry.


Fusion Dropstitch

Stiff + durable + light


Added Cargo Strap

Found only on the Glide Inflatable 14’0”, the added cargo strap allows you to pack extra gear to go farther!


10.0 Slide-in Fin (US Fin Box)

Inflatable Bag

Dual Flow Pump

Naish Glide Fusion S25

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